About Us

Benjamin Fredrick Franklin Hellman is a local Artist based out of High Falls, New York; also known as the center of the universe.  He has been designing and creating art for well over a decade.  Benjamin went to school at SUNY New Paltz for Graphic Design, Painting, and Photography.  He is the owner and founder of Empire State Landscaping (& Contracting).  Through this company Benjamin has had the honor and the privilege of working with some of the most well renowned craftsmen and women in the area and working on some of finest properties in the Hudson Valley. He has been delivering tried and true results since day one.


Benjamin has just recently discovered Poly Acrylic Resin, and Fluid Acrylic Floetrol and has become enthralled with the process of making one of a kind, works of art with these new media.  “There’s really nothing else like it, every piece comes out so wonderfully and beautifully different, I love it.”

– Benjamin


We care deeply for our customers, community and neighbors and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to use our Contact Us page to tell us what you like, what you love, or if there’s a custom piece you would like done especially fit for your own home.